Mabuhay kababayan! Welcome to the Philippines-American Association of East Tennessee (PAAET) website.  The website will be used to communicate announcements, post PAAET activities and link pertinent websites that maybe of interest to the members.

PAAET was established in 1984. It was created primarily to bring the Philippine-American community together, enhance friendship and camaraderie among Philippine-American families in East Tennessee and to participate in local activities that will enhance better understanding of Filipino culture and traditions. Since its establishment, the organization has grown significantly in its membership and continues to make great strides in cultural, social, and economic arenas.

While continuing the core purpose of the organization, we pursue to provide humanitarian assistance and services in the wake of natural or economic disasters to its members and to the people in the Philippines. The mission of PAAET is to enhance better understanding of Filipino culture and traditions.

I encourage you to become part of this vibrant and robust organization and share the many aspects of the Filipino lifestyle. I hope to see you in our next gathering. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you very much.

Mabuhay ang Filipino!

Warren Pineda